Gods Knot Ceremony

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This also makes a great keepsake for the new couple to take to their new home. These are custom made here in Alaska. You can order them through us and we will bring it to the ceremony. Each sign is custom built so you can choose the size and any extras you would like to have painted on it. The basic sign is 16” x 20” and starts at $70.00. We will give you a quote on them once you tell me the size and everything you want to be  painted on the sign. You can include this in your information on the contact page. These signs must be ordered at least one month before the wedding date.


A Gods Knot Ceremony is used to symbolize the bride and groom weaving their lives together and in doing so including God in their marriage. Three cords are used, the white one symbolizing the bride, the blue one for the groom and the gold one for God. As the couple, braids the three cords together I will explain what the meaning behind it is.

Unity Candle Ceremony

The unity candle ceremony is a symbol used to show the uniting of the couple. The bride and groom light their individual candles at the beginning of the service and then at the end they both take their individual candles and light the main candle in the middle and extinguish the individual ones. This symbolizes the uniting of the couple as one. This is a very nice ceremony but is not a good idea if the wedding is to be performed outside. You can purchase a unity candle set and bring it with you or purchase one and have it sent to me and I will bring it to the service for you.

Sand Ceremony

The Sand Ceremony is much like the others but using three different colors of sand. This represent the bride, groom and God. You can purchase a set but you can also choose the colors of sand and the vessel that you want to use. You can get all this online or at a hobby shop of your choice. This can be done at an outside service but depending on the weather might not be a great idea.  If you want something like this, I need to know in advance so that a table will be available there for it.

Hand-Fasting Ceremony

a Celtic Tradition

A Handfasting ceremony is a Celtic Tradition where the couples left hands are bound by 13 ribbons or cords that each stand for a different part of their marriage to each other. White - bonds of handfasting, Red – Love, Green –Prosperity, Blue – Friendship, Black - banishing evil, Brown – Patience, Yellow - Earth or God, Maroon(wine) – Passion, Teal – Fertility, Light Pink – Commitment, Orange – Trust, Purple – Faith, Fuchsia (hot Pink) – Health. You do not have to use all of these but it is a tradition to. As the couple's hands are bound together I will explain each one of the colors and its importance. Either you or I can gather all that is needed for this ceremony. If you would like for me to do this there will be an additional cost and I will include it in the price that I quote you.