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There are many different types of Ceremonies that you could choose. We Love officiating over all of these Ceremonies, the important thing is that you have a wedding that fits you and your lifestyle. It is your special day and it should be tailored to fit your idea of a perfect wedding. We want you to look back on your wedding day and be Happy and Satisfied. Anything we can do to help you achieve that, we will do.

Traditional Weddings

Traditional (Religious) – Follow a more traditional format that you would find in a Christian church setting.

Non-Traditional Weddings

Non-Traditional (Religious or Non-Religious)– This type of service takes parts of a traditional service but adds in personal requests for different readings, poems, writing your own vows and having other members of your family or friends taking on roles of the service.



Same-Sex Ceremonies or as I call it “A Wedding” There is no difference. The couple can pick any of the traditional or non-traditional ceremonies.

Unity Candle Ceremony

The use of a Unity Candle is a great way to add to your regular ceremony. See more about the service and pictures on the Additional Ceremony page.

Gods Knot


Gods Knot is a great way to add a very special ceremony as part of your perfect wedding service. See more about the service and pictures on the Additional Ceremony page.

Sand or

Handfasting Ceremony

A Sand ceremony or even a Hand Fasting ceremony can add a special touch to your wedding service. Find out more about both of the ceremonies on the Additional Ceremony page.

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The Rose Ceremony is where the couple gives a rose to there parents or the groom gives there rose to his new Mother in Law and the Bride gives hers to her new Mother in Law. This ceremony is a great way to start the service of by involving two people that so many time get looked over during the service.

Hand  BLESSING Ceremony

During the Hand Blessing Ceremony, While the couple is holding hands I lay my hand over the couples hands, and says a very special blessing over them. The hands and ring fingers hold a lot of signfigance. The hands in a relationship are used as a comforting touch and also the way two people help each other through out the years and since it is known that the ring ringers have a direct line to the heart.  



Vow Renewal – no matter if, you are celebrating a mile mark anniversary or just wanting to reconfirm your love for each other vow renewals can always be a great idea. This service can be structured any way you like. I can help you put together a beautiful service that may have some similar parts to your original wedding ceremony or it can be completely new.


Baptisms/Child blessings – These services can be done anytime and anywhere that you like. The best thing would be for you to contact me and we can arrange a place and time and make it a very special time in your and the child's life.

What our customers are saying

Celtic Ministries (Rev. Cian) married us in March of 2016 at a local pavilion. I could not have found a more understanding and personable minister. He took care of everything for us and gave us our own personal ceremony book with the service printed out. I loved having that as a keepsake. I would recommend him to anyone. Marti

- Marti M